15X Eye Loupe Magnifier Clamp Free Led Light Watch Clock Jewelry Repair KitTool

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15X Eye Loupe Magnifier Clamp Free Led Light Watch Clock Jewelry Repair KitTool



            It is very inconvenient to use traditional clock magnifiers which need to be clamped by eyelid and may affect the repair quality of precision instruments and clocks. This magnifier can solve this problem to make it easier and more accurate to repair precision instruments and clocks


1. It has great magnification power
2. Quality lens for extra sharpness and clarity
3. You can get an extremely close view of the tiniest details
4. Inspect object at 15x times power
5. While readings, it can precisely read the actual size of a small article
6. Ideal for jeweler, watchmaker, circuit board and electronics, coin and stamp connoisseur and so on



1. Lens Diameter: 28mm
2. Magnification: 15x  Magnifier
3. Color: Black
4. Belt Length: 19.88 inch / 50.5 cm
5. LED Powered by: 2 x CR1620 button batteries (included)
6. LED Quantity: 1 pcs
7. Lens Material: Glass
8. Belt Material: steel
9. Weight: 1.69 oz / 48 g

Package Includes:

  • 1 x 15X Eye Loupe Clock Watch Jewelry Repair Magnifier
  • 1 x User Manual


Operating guide:

1. Put the magnifier at right eye position,press the magnifier with right hand, and then wind the steel belt with left hand around the head in left eye direction to the right ear
2. Replacement of batteries:Take out two old CR1620 button batteries,replace them with
two new CR1620 button batteries,as shown 
3 Turn on LED illuminating source under poor light


Please Note

  • The product is brand new & 1st grade quality
  • No warranty Applicable on this product
  • Specification and product design are subject to change as we are constantly evolve into deliver excellent quality
Size Lens Diameter: 28mm
Weight 1.69 oz / 48 g
Product Detail
Color Black

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